Faculty and Staff Directory

Uyen Minh Le, PhD
Chair and Associate Professor, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics

Tibebe Woldemariam, R.Ph., Ph.D.
Vice Chair and Professor, Medicinal Chemistry

Ruth Vinall, PhD
Assistant Dean of Research

Ashim Malhotra, PharmBS, MS, PhD, FAPE
Associate Professor, Pharmacology
Assistant Dean, Accreditation and Program Development

Fakhrul Ahsan, PhD
Distinguished Professor

Suzanne Clark, PhD
Associate Professor, Pharmacology

Arooj Fatima
Assistant Professor

Zhuqiu (James) Jin, PhD
Associate Professor, Pharmacology

Linh Ho, PharmBS, PhD
Associate Professor, Pharmacology

Hongbin Wang PharmBS, MS, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pharmacology

Ahmed El-Shamy, PhD
Assistant Professor, Virology

Abdelbasset Farahat, PharmBS, MS, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry

Dipongkor Saha, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Milosz Blyszczek, PharmD
Adjunct Instructor

Anand Singh, PharmD
Adjunct Instructor

Kunal Kanani, PharmD
Adjunct Instructor

Jamie Coborn, PhD
Adjunct Instructor

Sakib Moinuddin, PhD
Senior Postdoctoral Fellow

Melanie Rose, MS
Lab Manager

Tanoy Sarkar, BS
Lab Technician

Arvinder Singh, BS
Administrative Assistant

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