CNUCOP’s Simulation Curriculum for PharmD Students

High-Fidelity Cardiovascular Simulation for Enhancing the Integration of Pathophysiology and Pharmacology with Clinical Pharmacotherapeutics

The integration of foundational sciences with clinical application remains difficult to achieve and measure. To bridge this gap, we designed, implemented and assessed an Integrated Cardiovascular Simulation (ICS), placing it in the Second Professional Year (P2) of our 4-year Pharm.D. curriculum. ICS employed Case-Based Learning principles and focused on congestive heart failure (CHF) with preexisting arrhythmias as comorbidity. A Laerdal SimMan 3G manikin was programmed to present CHF symptoms. P2 student teams were assessed on accurate identification of both symptoms and the underlying pathophysiology. ICS was staged through ER presentation (phase 1), admission to the ICU (phase 2), and hospital stay and discharge (phase 3). Laboratory values were integrated during phase 2, while the manikin presented atrial and ventricular fibrillation, Torsades de Pointes, and asystole, allowing students to learn rhythm identification. Additionally, students practiced the SBAR communication technique and patient counseling skills, and recommended therapy, elaborating MOA and adverse effects. ICS was assessed through pre- and post-session quizzes and perception data. High-fidelity ICS is a novel tool to achieve and assess the integration of foundational and clinical knowledge.

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CNUCOP Faculty Presented our ICS Simulation Curriculum at the 2020 AACP Pharmacy Education annual meeting

CNUCOP is proud to share that our faculty members Dr. Song Oh and Dr. Ashim Malhotra were invited to present a “mini-session” podium presentation at the 2020 AACP Pharmacy Education national meeting summarizing their Integrated Cardiovascular Simulation (ICS). Their video presentation is provided below and helps showcase how high fidelity manikins are used at CNUCOP to provide cutting edge training to our pharmacy students, especially as they navigate progression from the sciences to the clinical curriculum.

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