Academic Advising Program

The Student Advising Program is under the direction of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions. The program provides information for successful matriculation and professional development for all students.

Students will be assigned a faculty advisor at orientation who will serve as the student's advisor throughout a majority of the academic program. During advanced pharmacy practice experience, students will be assigned to a Faculty Hub Coordinator who will serve as the advisor until graduation.

Students are encouraged to seek guidance from their advisor for academic counseling, monitoring academic progress, assistance with portfolio development, and as a professional mentor. It is highly recommended for any student to meet with the advisor on a more consistent basis if the student encounters academic difficulty. Depending on the circumstances the advisor may be able to recommend College sponsored tutor assistance to provide additional study support.

All students are required to meet with their advisor at least once each semester. Students will not be eligible to register for the next semester unless they obtain approval from their academic advisor.

Questions? Please contact The Student Affairs Team.

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