High Stakes Exams

COP PharmD students are required to take high stakes exams after each year of the program.

Milestone Exams

An examination on course material presented during the previous year will be administered yearly. The exam for the P1 and P2 classes is referred to as the Milestone Exam. These exam are made of multiple choice questions developed by faculty. Exam questions cover all courses offered up the students' present status in the program. The P1 Milestone covers the content of the first year courses including the top 100-200 drugs and pharmacy calculations. The P2 Milestone Exam primarily covers material presented in courses offered during the immediate previous year with some general concept questions from the first year curriculum, including calculations.


The NAPLEX and the CPJE are licensure exams, which students must pass in order to become pharmacists in California.

To take the NAPLEX and/or the CPJE, candidates must meet the eligibility requirements of the board of pharmacy from which they are seeking licensure. The board will determine the student's eligibility to take the examinations. If you have questions concerning eligibility requirements, contact the Board of Pharmacy. Registration instructions, requirements, and application forms can be obtained and downloaded from the National Association of Board of Pharmacy (NABP) website at http://www.nabp.net.


The PCOA exam is a nationally benchmarked exam administered by AACP at the end of the third year. The PCOA Exam primarily covers pharmacotherapeutic content presented in all three didactic years at CNUCOP, including calculations and is designed to introduce and help develop the skills necessary for the NAPLEX and CJPE exams.

Qualifying Exam

The Qualifying Exam is developed and administered by CNUCOP faculty. This exam measures a student's readiness for beginning the APPE experiential education courses.

Students are required to pass all high stakes exam in order to progress. For more specific information, consult the College General Catalog.

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