Disability Services

Any student requiring disability assistance may apply for services through the OSAA. The Office is committed to promoting equal access to programs and facilities, thereby insuring that students with disabilities experience the opportunity to participate fully in all academic experiences. Specialized services and academic accommodations are provided to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities to help them achieve successful completion of their professional degree.

Accommodations are not retroactive and begin only after appropriate documentation is received and a reasonable time for accommodation development exists.

Disability Services and Accommodations

  • Academic Accommodations
    • Large print materials
    • Extended exam times
    • Exams in distraction-free environment
    • Modified exams (in certain circumstances)
  • Disability Services
    • Note takers
    • Readers
    • Help with ordering taped texts
    • Help with ordering text to speech texts for Kindle

Questions? Please contact The Student Affairs Team.

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