Grants and Contracts

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External Grants And Contracts, 2021; Total Of 5 External Grants And Contracts Received Funding
  1. Fakhrul Ahsan (PI). Title: Recapitulation of sex-disparity in PAH on a microfluidic device and elucidation of the differences and similarities in the development, progression and therapy of PAH in male versus female patients (R01HL144590). Funding agency: NIH/NHLBI. Grant transfer: 2021. Funding amount: $860,735.
  2. Fakhrul Ahsan (PI). Title: Targetable and inhalable nanoparticle based combination therapy for PAH (1R01HL114677-01A1). Funding agency: NIH/NHLBI. Grant transfer: 2021. Funding amount: $45,650.
  3. Nazir Hossen (PI), Fakhrul Ahsan (co-I). Title: Inhalable siRNA-loaded-targeted-liposomes for silencing genes implicated in PAH pathogenesis. Funding agency: CMREF. 2021. Funding amount: $98,996.70.
  4. Erika Titus Lay (PI), Ruth Vinall (Mentor and Co-PI), Jeffrey Nehira (Co-I), Jennifer Courtney (Co-I), Bin Deng (Co-I), and Tibebe Woldemariam (Co-I). 2021. Title: ‘Identification and mitigation of factors which contribute to increased cancer health disparities as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic; a pharmacist-led and implemented initiative’. Funding agency: ASHP (GRPLS Pharmacy Leadership Scholars). 2021. Funding amount: $10,000.
  5. Vy Tran Luu (student PI) Islam Mohamed (faculty mentor). Role of Shear-sensitive micro-RNAs in regulating vascular inflammation. AFPE Gateway to Research Award ( Funding amount: $5,000.
  6. Jennifer Courtney (PI) and Jeffrey Nehira (Co-PI). California Northstate University as a primary site for community COVID-19 vaccinations as a university run vaccination clinic. CalVaxGrant Physician Practice Support Grant Program. Funding amount: $10,000.

Internal Grants And Awards, 2021; Total Of 13 Internal Grants And Contracts Received Funding

CNUCOP Seed Grant Awardees
  1. Song Oh (PI), Victor Phan (co-PI). Title: ‘Personality Characteristics and Expressed Career Choice of Third-Year Student Pharmacists’.
  2. Ashim Malhotra (PI). Title: ‘Investigating Raloxifene to Target Apoptotic Proteins in Pancreatic Cancer’.
  3. Linh Ho (PI). Title: ‘Investigating hepatoprotective effect of astragaloside IV and formononectin against oxidative injury’.
  4. Tuan Tran (PI). Title: ‘Hybrid Deep Learning Models for Breast Cancer Prediction’
  5. Justin Lenhard (PI), Jered Arquiette (co-PI). Title: ‘Overcoming carbapenem resistance during polymicrobial infections’.
  6. Uyen Le (PI), Simeon Kotchoni (co-PI). Title: ‘Liposomal delivery of azadirachtin for the treatment of melanoma skin cancer’.

CNUCOP Student Summer Fellowship awardees;

  1. Abneet Sangha (Faculty mentor: Ashim Malhotra)
  2. Anmolpreet Kaur (Faculty mentor: Justin Lenhard)
  3. Ngoc Nguyen (Faculty mentor: Uyen Le)
  4. Quoc-Anh Tran (Faculty mentor: Linh Ho)
  5. Thao Thanh Do (Faculty mentor: Eugene Kreys)
  6. Xinge Zheng (Faculty mentor: Islam Mohamed)
CNU HEGA awardees
  1. Uyen Le (PI), Tarek Kassem (co-PI), Linda Buckley (co-I), and Anhao Sam (co-I). Self-directed learning for pharmaceutical calculations. CNU HEGA. 2021. Amount funded: $1,000.

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