Grants and Contracts

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External Grants And Contracts, 2020; Total Of 10 External Grants And Contracts Submitted
  1. Islam Mohammed (PI). 2020. Title: ‘Impact of decoding medication tradenames on students’ performance & self-reflection.’ Submitted to AACP (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award).
  2. Simeon Kotchoni (PI). 2020. Title: ‘A synergy of natural compounds as a new regimen for the treatment of type 2 diabetes’. R21 grant submitted to NIH (PAR-19-222; Small Grants for New Investigators to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research)
  3. Malhotra A, (PI), Feng X (Co-PI), Kay M (Co-PI), Helms L (Co-PI). 2020. Title: ‘Urban high risk cardiovascular/stroke populations: A special incubation innovator project – Listen, Learn, Implement, Assess’. Submitted to Bristol Myers Squibb (RFP; Development and implementation of innovative interventions that effectively address health disparities).
  4. Islam Mohamed (PI). 2020. Title: ‘Targeted miR-146a; an innovative modality for shear-induced atherosclerosis.’ Submitted to AACP (New Investigator Award).
  5. Linh Ho (PI). 2020. AACP NIA Award application, Title: Investigating mechanism of action of astragalus compounds: astragaloside IV and formononectin on insulin sensitivity in adipocytes. Submitted to AACP (New Investigator Award).
  6. Hongbin Wang (PI). 2020. Title: ‘C4a-PAR4 axis in high glucose-mediated vasculopathy effects of human vascular smooth muscle cells (hVSMCs)’. Submitted to AACP (New Investigator Award).
  7. Islam Mohamed (PI). 2020. Neuropharmacology Early Career Award; from the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET).
  8. James Jin (PI). 2020. Title: ‘Exploration of Blood-Heart Barrier in Postmenopausal Coronary Heart Disease.’ Submitted to DoD CDMRP (Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program Discovery Award).
  9. Linh Ho (PI). Title: ‘Role of a Sirtuin-3-Adiponectin Axis in Adipocytes in Insulin Resistance.’ Submitted to DoD CDMRP (Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program Discovery Award).
  10. Catherine Yang (PI), Vijay Katri (Co-PI), Raj Ramsamooj (Co-PI), Joseph Rogers (Co-PI), Ahmed ElShamy (Co-PI), Ashim Malhotra (Co-PI). 2020. Title: ‘Novel Pedagogy Development of Pandemic Medical Education’. Submitted to the AZKEF Education Foundation (Covid-19 educational grant).
Internal Grants And Contracts, 2020; Total Of 7 Internal Grants And Contracts Submitted

CNUCOP Seed Grant applications for 2020 – 2021 cycle;

  1. Song Oh (PI), Victor Phan (co-PI). 2020. Title: ‘Personality Characteristics and Expressed Career Choice of Third-Year Student Pharmacists’.
  2. Ashim Malhotra (PI). 2020. Title: ‘Investigating Raloxifene to Target Apoptotic Proteins in Pancreatic Cancer’.
  3. Linh Ho (PI). 2020. Title: ‘Investigating hepatoprotective effect of astragaloside IV and formononectin against oxidative injury’.
  4. Bin Deng (PI), Victor Phan (co-PI). 2020. Title: ‘Evaluation of Students’ Abilities to Measure Blood Glucose’.
  5. Tuan Tran (PI). 2020. Title: ‘Hybrid Deep Learning Models for Breast Cancer Prediction’
  6. Justin Lenhard (PI), Jered Arquiette (co-PI). 2020. Title: ‘Overcoming carbapenem resistance during polymicrobial infections’.
  7. Uyen Le (PI), Simeon Kotchoni (co-PI). 2020. Title: ‘Liposomal delivery of azadirachtin for the treatment of melanoma skin cancer’.

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