Faculty and Staff Directory

Shahanara Begum Ahsan, PharmD, PhD
Assistant Professor

Jennifer Renee Courtney, PharmD
Director of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE)
Director of Advanced Pharmacy Practice Laboratory
Faculty-Community Pharmacy

Lorianne De Martini, Pharm.D., BCGP
Adjunct Associate Professor

Tony Joseph Eid, BS, PharmD, REHS, BCACP, CHC, APH, AACC
Associate Professor

Sonya Fruasto, PharmD
Adjunct Professor

Xiaodong Feng, PhD, PharmD
Dean, College of Pharmacy
Professor Pharmacology and Oncology
CNU Vice President of Admissions and Student Services

Dahlia Godinez-Preciado, BA
Administrative Assistant for Clinical and Administrative Sciences

Eugene Kreys, PharmD, PhD, BCPS
Co-director, Center for Outcome Research
Assistant Professor – Pharmacoepidemiology

Tiffany-Jade Kreys, PharmD, BCPP
Assistant Professor – Psychiatric Pharmacy

Justin Lenhard, PharmD
Chair, Director of Clinical Research
Associate Professor – Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases

Welly Mente, PharmD, FCSHP
Vice Chair Clinical and Administrative Sciences in COP
Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences
Residency Program Director

Victor Phan, PharmD, CDCES, BCACP, APh
Assistant Professor of Clinical and Administrative Sciences

Olivia Phung, PharmD
Associate Professor, Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences

Ivan Petrzelka, PharmD, JD, MBA
Assistant Professor of Law and Ethics

Peter Tenerelli, PharmBS, PharmD, EMP
Director, Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Practice
Assistant Professor

Tarek Kassem, PharmD, BCPS
Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences
Assistant Professor

Tuan Tran, PhD
Assistant Professor of Clinical and Administrative Sciences

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