The Interview & Admissions Process


The Office of Admissions will email you if you have been selected for an interview on campus. We have transitioned to a paperless system, and will not communicate with our applicants via regular mail. It is the responsibility of the applicant to frequently check their PharmCAS account and their email communications throughout the admission cycle for updates to their status with CNUCOP.

Interview sessions typically last 5-6 hours. Invitations are sent via email. Plan to arrive 30 minutes early to check in and prepare for the interview session. Dress attire is professional. Applicants are encouraged to arrive at the time recommended in their interview confirmation. Candidates interview with one faculty and one faculty/student panel. The interviews are conducted in a modified multiple mini interview format. The focal points of the interview are assessing the candidate’s critical thinking, as well as their verbal and written communication skills.


During the interview day, applicants will be provided with information from key administrators and faculty pertaining to the curriculum, student affairs, research, financial aid, and experiential education. Students will also have the opportunity to ask current students questions about our program and student life. Lunch will be provided during which the applicants will meet with administrators, faculty, staff, and students.


After an interview session has concluded, the admissions committee reviews the entire application and interview results. The committee will use a holistic approach to evaluate the applicant and consider their academic ability, strength of health care experience, their volunteer involvement in community service activities, and read their recommendation letters. They will determine if an offer of acceptance will be granted and when the offer will be made. Admission decisions fall into three main categories: offer of admission, decision hold, and denied.


Admission Decision sent to Candidate
Admission decisions fall into three categories, post-interview:


The Office of Admissions will notify the candidate by email of the offer of admission. The offer of admission must be accepted and confirmed within 14 days from the date of the emailed letter of acceptance. The 14-day time allowance to accept the offer is subject to change as the start of the academic year approaches. If no response is received within the time period given, the candidate will be placed on an acceptance wait list.

We recommend students who have been offered admission explore the loan programs CNUCOP has available to determine if they will be granted loan pre-approval, prior to sending a confirmation and the non-refundable enrollment fee deposit. Information about the current CNUCOP loan programs can be found on our web site under Financial Aid.

The college is unable to offer federally sponsored loan programs to help finance your education.


The Admissions Committee will accept candidates post-interview at intervals throughout the admission cycle. In some cases, the Committee chooses to revisit an interviewed candidate’s application, which may place the post-interview decision on hold. The Office of Admissions will contact the candidate, as soon as the Committee releases their decision.

It is not necessary to call, email or visit the Office of Admissions regarding their post-interview status. Your position could be jeopardized, if these instructions are not followed. Since we utilize electronic messaging, all candidates should check email on a daily basis, including their spam email box. Since notifications are made using email and/or phone, it is very important to notify the Office of Admissions of any change of address, phone, or email. Also, please make sure your email program accepts attachments.


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer admission or wait list status to all applicants who interview. If a candidate interviews and receives a letter of denial, the applicant is welcome to email Admissions to request suggestions on how to improve their application. The best time to do this is during summer break. The Admissions Office email address is

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