Capitol Leadership Forum:

National academic platform for the advancement of pharmacy practice

The Capitol Leadership Forum is a national platform to promote professional advocacy to pharmacists and PharmD students. Initially, the Forum was a school-wide program created by California Northstate University College of Pharmacy’s’ Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Practice. However, with each successful event, the Forum would continue to welcome the participation of representatives from within the region, the state of California, and finally, the national and international levels. The Forums have had a national attendance representing 23 Schools of Pharmacy throughout the United States.

The Capitol Leadership Forum consists of a series of 90-minute virtual panel discussions with 4 to 5 content experts organized around essential topics in healthcare and advocacy. It aims to introduce pharmacy students and the pharmacy community to leaders in healthcare, professional organizations, and governmental agencies in a way that cannot be reproduced in traditional didactic courses. The Forum assures that in addition to scientific and clinical knowledge, PharmD students are equipped with the behaviors, skills, and understanding necessary to be influential leaders and advocates within pharmacy while simultaneously creating a unifying platform encouraging professional discourse and unity within the profession. Currently, there have been eight, each with a specific topic of discussion.

The video below showcases our most recent CAPP Forum

Previous Forum Events

The Mental health Crisis: What Pharmacists Can Do to Support and Alleviate Mental Health Illnesses
Emergency Preparedness and Response: The Pharmacists's Foles and Contributions in a Public Health Crisis
Professional Advocacy: Examining Strategies to Advance the Profession of Pharmacy
Expanding the Role of Pharmacy: Opportunities within Pharmacogenomics
Standard of Care: A New Look at Pharmacy Governance
Modernized Pharmacy Practice Models: New Reimbursement Opportunities

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