The Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Practice

The Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Practice (CAPP) was established within the California Northstate University College of Pharmacy with the mission and charge of setting the strategic direction of exploring, developing, and implementing new and innovative ways of incorporating pharmacists into health care delivery and preparing pharmacy students to successfully lead and integrate within those innovative roles.

The Center’s Director, Dr. Peter Tenerelli, working with leadership at the community, regional, state, and national levels and in collaboration with faculty, staff, and students is working to enhance the vision of a unified pharmacy profession advocating with a defined agenda and strategy. A unified voice helps to send a clear message of the profession’s contributions and future roles within the healthcare ecosystem.

Additionally, the Center offers a variety of opportunities for pharmacy students to participate as active members of the profession. Students are encouraged to think, act, and feel like pharmacists and to integrate their personal and professional identities.

The Center employs a spectrum of strategies that add to the combined result of strengthening the pharmacist’s visibility, recognition, and impact within healthcare.

These strategies range from the development of local learning centers to national platforms. Some of the Center’s initiatives:

  1. Advanced Pharmacy Practice Simulation Lab
  2. Capital Leadership Forum
  3. Management, Policymaking, and Leadership Certificate Program
  4. CAPP Newsletter and What’s New in Pharmacy Advocacy
  5. The Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Practice advisory Counsel
  6. Inaugural Alumni Celebration Dinner
  7. Alumni Newsletter

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The video below showcases our most recent CAPP Forum

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