CNU’s College of Pharmacy Faculty, Preceptors, and Student Pharmacists Completed Their Second Community monkeypox Vaccine Clinic

Elk Grove, CA—Sep-1—Clinical community service is the best classroom for faculty to teach, for students to learn, for interprofessional training, and inter-institutional collaboration.

On Thurday September 1st, 2022, California Northstate University College of Pharmacy faculty, preceptors and student pharmacists hosted the second community monkeypox vaccine clinic in the Sacramento Community Center. 15 student volunteers from CNUCOP (P2, P3), 2 CNUCOP P4 APPE students who are rotating at Pucci’s Pharmacy, 3 faculty members and 1 physician from CNU College of Medicine and College of Graduate Studies participated in this significant community clinical service after a busy day of school. Our faculty members, Dr. Jeffrey Nehira and Dr. Mari Cayabyab, and Dr. Jennifer Courtney also provided additional training to the students for the new intradermal monkeypox vaccinations on Wednesday.

We administered 106 monkeypox vaccines intradermally. Over 300 vaccines were served in our first monkeypox vaccine clinic on August 13, 2022.

Thank you to Dr. Hopkins (CEO of Pucci’s Pharmacy in Sacramento and CNUCOP preceptor) and Dr. Jennifer Courtney (CNUCOP Director of Introductory Pharmacy Practice) for leading this great effort.


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