Faculty Research Interests

Faculty Member Primary Research Interest
Uyen Le, PharmBS, Ph.D. Drug deliver
Ruth Vinall, Ph.D. Prostate and bladder cancer
Suzanne Clark, Ph.D. Educational research
Peter Tenerelli, PharmBSc Educational research
Linda Buckley, Ph.D. Educational research
Victor Phan, PharmD, CDE Educational research
Matthew Horton, PharmD Educational research, nephrology
Ahmed El-Shamy, Ph.D. HBV/virology
Justin Lenhard, PharmD Antibacterial resistance
Linh Ho, PharmBS, Ph.D. Diabetes
Tarek Kassem, PharmD Compounding
Hongbin Wang, PharmBS, Ph.D. Diabetes
Abdelbasset Farahat, PharmBS, Ph.D. Synthetic medicinal chemistry
Bin Deng, PharmD, CDE Diabetes
Ashim Malhotra, PharmBS, MS, PhD, FAPE Cardiovascular
Zhuqiu (James) Jin, Ph.D. Cardiovascular
Islam Mohamed, PharmBS, Ph.D. Cardiovascular
Tony Eid, PharmD, BCACP Cardiovascular
Tibebe Woldemariam, PharmBS, Ph.D. Natural products/chemistry
Tiffany Kreys, PharmD, BCPP Mood/thought disorders
Erika Titus-Lay, PharmD, BCPP Substance abuse disorders
Jeffrey Nehira, PharmD, FCSHP Pharmacy mentorship
Jason Bandy, PharmD, FCSHP Pharmacy advocacy
Welly Mente, PharmD Diagnostic testing
Eugene Kreys, PharmD, Ph.D. Healthcare system research
Olivia Phung, PharmD Systematic reviews
Tuan Tran, Ph.D. Data mining/modeling
Jennifer Courtney, PharmD Community pharmacy
Song Oh, PharmD Critical care
Javid Cavanaugh, PharmD Toxicology


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