Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Practice

Ashim Malhotra, PharmBS, MS, PhD, FAPE

Peter Tenerelli, PharmBS, PharmD, EMP [BIO]
Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences
Director, Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Practice
Assistant Professor

The Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Practice (CAPP) established within the California Northstate University College of Pharmacy, has the mission of exploring, developing, and implementing new and innovative ways of integrating pharmacists into health care delivery and preparing our students to successfully lead and integrate within these innovative roles.

In a national environment that continues to spend more on healthcare with arguably lesser patient outcomes, we examine the pharmacists’ current roles and responsibilities with a focus on future roles which contribute to “filling the gaps” within healthcare services and improving patient health outcomes.

To achieve our goals, the Center collaborates nationally with colleges of pharmacy, state, and national organizations, in addition to governmental and legislative agencies.

We hope the Center’s initiatives, activities and resources will inspire your partnership, contribution, commitment, and leadership as we transform pharmacy models of practice.

By partnering with PioneerRx Pharmacy Software, our program allows students to learn in a real-world environment using the most installed software for independent pharmacies. Students enhance their clinical and functional skills by training in a pharmacy system that is innovative, robust, and feature-rich.