Points of Pride 2019-2020

  • 2020 AACP Walmart Scholar. Janie Yu (Class of 2021), was named a Walmart Scholar for 2020, the fourth straight year that a CNUCOP student was recognized as a Walmart Scholar.
  • 2020 USPHS Excellence in Public Health Award. Ryan Sauer (Class of 2020) received the USPHS Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Award, the fourth consecutive year a CNUCOP student was recognized with this prestigious award.
  • 2020 California Pharmacy Leadership Award. Jacequline Cuddy (Class of 2021) received the CSHP Leadership Award. She is the immediate past president of the student chapter of CSHP and joins two other CNUCOP students in being selected for this award over the past few years.
  • Extramural Scholarship. Shawna Evans (Class of 2020) received the Soroptimist Scholarship, awarded to select number of female students who are Sacramento area residents enrolled in an accredited college or university.
  • PGY-1 Residency and Industry Fellowships. Three CNUCOP Class of 2020 graduates, Drs. Ella Mokrushin, Vivian Truong, and Adarsh Konda, were successful in obtaining Rutgers Industry Pharmaceutical Fellowship positions and 14 obtained Postgraduate Year One (PGY1) Residency positions across the nation.
  • Student Finalists – 2020 AACP Annual Meeting. Seven CNUCOP students were selected as finalists in the AACP Annual Meeting Student/Trainee Research Poster Competition this past year and three students published manuscripts this year in reputable journals.
  • Service to California Pharmacy. Reilly Oki, from the Class of 2022, was re-elected to serve as Student Trustee on the California Pharmacists Association Board of Trustees. This marks the second CNUCOP student elected to serve as a Student Trustee.
  • Student Service to National Pharmacy Chapters. Melinda Nguyen (Class of 2021) was elected as the National Fighting Diabetes Chair for the Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA).
  • IPE Service – Media Coverage Received. Hesu Kazaryan conducted interprofessional practice and service work with CNU College of Medicine students and was featured on local new stations for their service to the homeless community in the capital region of Sacramento during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Research Funding. CNUCOP faculty have attained Federal (NIH), AACP New Investigator Award, and foundation funding as well as internal research grants to support their research and scholarship. Examples include: The 2019 American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) New Investigator Award (NIA) to CAS faculty Dr. Justin Lenhard; Dr. Tuan Tran, CAS faculty, co-Investigator on an NIH funded R21 grant; the 2020 AZKEF Education Foundation SOTL grant to Drs. Catherine Yang (COM), Vijay Khatri (COM), Raj Ramsamooj (COM), Joseph Rogers (COM), Ahmed ElShamy (COP), Ashim Malhotra (COP) as co-PIs.
  • Publications. Faculty, staff, and students have collectively published 12 peer-reviewed research and scholarship articles and book chapters.
  • 2020 AACP Podium Presentations. Faculty, Drs. Ashim Malhotra (PBS), Ruth Vinall (PBS), and Song Oh (CAS) presented four national podium presentations including “mini-session” and “special sessions” at the 2020 annual AACP Pharmacy Education virtual meeting on the following topics - distance learning, interprofessional education, design thinking, and simulation for integration of foundational and clinical sciences.
  • Other Poster and Podium Presentation. CNUCOP faculty have presented 50 poster and podium research presentations at international, national, and local meetings.
  • PharmD Student Awardees -CNUCOP Summer Research Program. Six CNUCOP PharmD students recently completed the 2020 CNUCOP Summer Research Fellowship program: Victor Changcoco (Faculty mentor: Dr. Hongbin Wang); Sang Anh Phan (Faculty mentor: Dr. Justin Lenhard); Kenneth Cheng (Faculty mentor: Dr. Fitsum Sahle); Vy Tran Luu (Faculty mentor: Dr. Justin Lenhard); Alexander Akerlund (Faculty mentor: Dr. Eugene Kreys); Luling Li (Faculty mentor: Dr. Islam Mohamed).
  • 2020, Bestowed Fellowship. Dr. Ashim Malhotra was elected as life time Fellow of the Academy of Pharmacology Educators of the American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeut

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