Grants and Contracts

2020 | 2019 | 2018



Dr. Simeon Kotchoni (PI), Dr. Uyen Le (collaborator): Improving anti-tumor activity of C. latifolium on cervical cancer via nanotechnology.

Dr. Fitsum Sahle (PI), Dr. Islam Mohammed (collaborator): Development of miR‐146a‐loaded nanogels to treat shear‐induced vascular inflammation.

Dr. Islam Mohammed (PI): Role of PCSK9 in Acute Oscillatory Shear Stress‐induced Vascular Dysfunction.

Dr. Hongbin Wang (PI): C4a inhibits thrombin-induced diabetic vasculopathy in human vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs)

Dr. Jason Bandy (PI), Drs. Olivia Phung, Matthew Horton, Song Oh, Victor Phan, Jeffrey Nehira, and Tony Eid (collaborators): Evaluation of Student Pharmacists’ Ability to Measure Blood Pressure


American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP)  award; Dr. Justin Lenhard: ‘Optimizing the treatment of polymicrobial wound infections.’

The AZKEF Education Foundation; Drs. Catherine Yang (CNUCOM), Vijay Katri, Raj Ramsamooj, Joseph Rogers, Ahmed ElShamy, Ashim Malhotra: ‘Novel Pedagogy Development of Pandemic Medical Education’