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Student Ambassador Spotlight!

Tejpal Kang

 Student Ambassadors are enrolled pharmacy students at California Northstat

College of Pharmacy who serve as knowledgeable representatives that provide information anservices to the community about and for the university.

1. What is your name and what year are you?

My name is Tejpal Kang, but you can call me Tej! I am a P1, Class of 2020!

2. Where are you from?
My hometown is Morgan Hill, CA. It is a small town about 30 minutes south of San Jose.

3. What do you like to do in your free time? Hobbies?

Sleep! with all the studying I need my sleep. As well as catching up with TV shows! I also enjoy being outdoors and exploring new towns and places to eat.

4. Why did you choose California NorthState University?

I liked the feeling I got when I first came to campus on my interview day. It is a small campus and i felt warm and welcomed by everyone, it felt like a big family community. I als liked the concept of TBL, and now after a year I don't know how else I would learn!

5. What attracted you to the student ambassador program?

I as a peer advisor as an undergrad to incoming fresh men so I have a history of working with people and helping them. I know how nerve-racking it is coming to a new school and meeting new people, especially on interview day. so, as a student ambassador I liked the idea of being a resource to people and welcome them to CNU. I have very outgoing personality and love to talk so by being a student ambassador I get to enjoy what i do as well as help and meet any new people. 

6. what is your favorite thing about being a student ambassador? 

Meeting new people! I love meeting new people all the time and talking. I also love being part of the SAAC team as I met many fellow students and have fun working with them also.

7. what is your bigger accomplishment since starting at CNU?

Passing Medicinal Chemistry! it is hard adjusting to life here in Elk Grove/Sacramento, starting a new school, and doing well in classes. So, it may seem like nothing, but it was an accomplishment for me that I started my semester off well.

8. Where do you see yourselft in 5 years?

Hopefully graduated, passed my boards, and a registered pharmacist! I see myself in a community pharmacy setting, mainly because I like having a close relationship with patients and working with them, and in a community pharmacy setting I will have a lot of patient exposure.

9. What advice would you give incoming students of the Class of 2021?

To be open. It's going to be scared and nerve-racking. but be open to the new things. when you first walk in on the day of orientation don't be scared to talk to the person next to you! everyone is in the same boat and feeling the same way to try put yourself out there and go beyond your comfort level! oh, and remember organic chemistry! I remember back in school like 'oh I will never need this again,' but you do! The basics like acid and base etc. try brush up on those before you start and it will make life easier!

10. What is one thing no one would be able to guess about you?

when you look at me and see an Indian guy here in California, until I speak you would never guess that I was actually born and raised in England and did not move here until before my undergrad career!



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