Student Organization Forms
UniFORM Must be completed, approved, and submitted to the Office of Student Affairs for all student organization events, fundraisers, or community service projects.

Committee Form This form can be utilized by your organization to form committee's to help plan and organize an event.  Forming committees will help spread out important duties to all active members for optimal efficiency and will also provide documentation of who is responsible for a particular task.

Event Follow-Up Form The Student Affairs Committee has instituted a new policy this year for all organization to submit an event follow-up form for all community service events.  The form will also help your organization to evaluate the event and plan for making improvements to similar future events.

Student Organization Budget Proposal Each organization or club should work together with its membership to identify activities they plan to organize, participant in, and/or host this school year. Please provide a budget proposal for each activity where funding is being requested, which specifically addresses how the money will be allocated on a separate document.

Meeting Agenda This form can be utilized and reformatted by the President or Secretary of your organization to help plan the meeting agenda.

Meeting Minutes The Meeting Minutes can be used to take notes at meetings.  Remember all organizations are responsible for maintaining a file of all meeting minutes.  Typically this is the responsibility of the elected Secretary.  Meeting minutes should be approved by the organization President or by the officers at the next meeting.

PRIDE  is a partnership of students, faculty, and administration, which recognizes professionalism and excellence.

Registration Application for Student Organizations This form must be filled out by all new organizations seeking to become an officially recognized club or organization of the College.  It must also be submitted on an annual basis for existing clubs or organizations after new officers have taken office.  The form must be completed with all contact information.  Non-receipt of this form may jeopardize the ability of the organization to be recognized as an official organization and all funding request will be denied.

Release, Waiver and Participation Agreement for Events All students participating in any off-campus event must complete and submit this form to the Office of Student Affairs prior to participation in the event.

Student Organization Officer Eligibility Requirements  To ensure CNUCOP students maintain a strong academic focus throughout the pharmacy program, students interested in running for an officer position within a student organization, fraternity, or club must meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

Request for Two Officer Positions This form is to be completed for students interested in running for two officer positions or for students who have been elected for an officer position but are interested in running for an additional officer position.

Student MISC Expense Reimbursement Form An original receipt for miscellaneous expenses (non-travel related) and this completed form must be submitted in order to receive reimbursement from the accounting office.  The form must be signed by your organization advisor and turned in to the Student Affairs Coordinator for processing and to obtain the Assistant Dean's final approval.

Student Travel Guidelines  This guideline details the eligibility criteria that must be met by each student interested in attending a professional meeting or conference, as well as the procedures that must be followed to receive an excused absence and/or funding from the student organization and/or the OSAA.

Student Attendance at Conference or Meeting Request Form  Student Attendance at Conference or Meeting Request Form This form is to be completed by the president or designee of the student organization, club, or fraternity. Please note only students who are serving as a presenter, delegate, or competitor are eligible to receive partial or full-funding by the Office of Student Affairs.

Conference Funding Request Form  Students serving as a presenter, delegate, or competitor at a meeting/conference can directly request funding from the Office of Student Affairs and Admissions (OSAA). Students in an organization who are not serving in an active role at the conference or meeting must first request funding from their organization. Funding requests for any remaining balance can be submitted to the OSAA. Students who are not affiliated with an organization can request funding directly from the OSAA. If the funding request is approved, students must submit a Conference Funding Reimbursement Request Form along with original receipts.

Conference Funding Reimbursement Request Form Only students who have received prior approval from the Office of Student Affairs and Admissions for funding are eligible to submit for reimbursement. Original receipts for all expenses that reimbursement is being requested for must be attached to this document. Failure to provide proof of payment will result in a denial of your request for reimbursement. The reimbursement form must be completed and submitted to the OSAA within two weeks of the conference or meeting date.

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