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APRIL 2020


Victor Changcoco (Hongbin Wang)
Sang Anh Phan (Justin Lenhard)
Kenneth Cheng (Fitsum Sahle)
Vy Tran Luu (Justin Lenhard)
Alexander Akerlund (Eugene Kreys)
Luling Li (Islam Mohamed)


Dr. Simeon Kotchoni (PI), Dr. Uyen Le (collaborator): Improving anti-tumor activity of C. latifolium on cervical cancer via nanotechnology.

Dr. Fitsum Sahle (PI), Dr. Islam Mohammed (collaborator): Development of miR‐146a‐loaded nanogels to treat shear‐induced vascular inflammation.

Dr. Islam Mohammed (PI): Role of PCSK9 in Acute Oscillatory Shear Stress‐induced Vascular Dysfunction.

Dr. Hongbin Wang (PI): C4a inhibits thrombin-induced diabetic vasculopathy in human vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs)

Dr. Jason Bandy (PI), Drs. Olivia Phung, Matthew Horton, Song Oh, Victor Phan, Jeffrey Nehira, and Tony Eid (collaborators): Evaluation of Student Pharmacists’ Ability to Measure Blood Pressure


Ashim Malhotra; Bestowal of Fellow of the American Academy of Pharmacology Educators.


Seed Grant Awardees

There were three $8,000 award winners.

Dr. James Jin: Exploration of Molecular Mechanisms in Reversible Differentiation of Cardiac Myofibroblasts to Fibroblasts

Dr. Justin Lenhard: Optimizing the Use of Antibacterials against Mixed Populations of Uropathogens

Dr. Shankar Chaturvedi:  Inhibition of S1P3 Receptor as a Therapeutic Approach for Fibrotic Crohn’s Disease


There were three award winners receiving funding in the $5,000-$6,000 range.

Dr. Tibebe Woldemariam: Role of Novel Bioactive Natural Plant-Derived Products in the Modulation of Obesity

Dr. Linh Ho: Investigate Effect of Sirt3 Inhibitor on Adipogenesis and Insulin Signaling Pathway in Mice

Dr. Ashim Malhotra: Preclinical Investigation of Sumac and Artichoke Plant Extracts in Pancreatic Cancer

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