Faculty Research Interests

Faculty Research Interests (2019)


Department of Clinical & Administrative Sciences

Dr. Diana Cao: Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy in the Acute Care Setting

Dr. Jennifer Courtney: Opioid Addiction

Dr. Bing Deng: Primary Care in Medically Under-Served Areas

Dr. Matthew Horton: Chronic kidney disease, Acute Kidney injury

Dr. Eugene Kreys: Comparative Outcomes of Drug therapies

Dr. Tiffany Kreys: Outcomes in Patients with Mood and Thought Disorders

Dr. Justin Lenhard: Antimicrobial Pharmacodynamics

Dr. Song Oh: Resuscitation education, Pharmacotherapy in critical illness

Dr. Victor Phan: Global health initiatives in underserved areas

Dr. Olivia Phung: Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses: Treatment of Diabetes

Dr. Priyanka Singh: Psychotropic medications and impact on cardiovascular system

Dr. Peter Tenerelli: Pharmacy management and economics

Dr. Erika Titus-Lay: CV Outcomes in Patients with Substance Use Disorders

Dr. Tuan Tran: Data Analysis and Mining


Office of Experiential Education

Dr. Jason Bandy: Gamification in Education, Anticoagulation / Thrombosis, Hypertension

Dr. Tony Eid: Cardiovascular Risk Reduction/Preventive Cardiology

Dr. Welly Mente: Clinical Teaching Scholarship

Dr. Jeffrey Nehira: Regulatory Compliance, Sterile Compounding


Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences Department

Dr. Eman Atef: Drug Solubility

Dr. Lakshmi Chaturvedi: Cancer, Cell Signaling, Wound Healing, Fibrosis

Dr. Suzanne Clark: Teaching and Learning Scholarship

Dr. Ahmed El-Shamy: Interactions between Viruses and Host Cells

Dr. Simeon Kotchoni: Plant Physiology and Biological Applications

Dr. Uyen Le: Drug Delivery and Targeting

Dr. Leo Fitzpatrick: Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Drug Discovery/Development)

Dr. Linh Ho: Mitochondrial Sirtuins-Epigenetics and Metabolic Disease

Dr. James Jin: S1P1 Receptor Signaling in the Pathogenesis of Cardiac Fibrosis

Dr. Ashim Malhotra: Pancreatic Cancer Research

Dr. Islam Mohamed: Role of Vascular micro-RNAs in Atherosclerosis

Dr. Fitsum Sahle: Drug delivery, Nanotechnology, Tissue engineering

Dr. Ruth Vinall: Prostate and Bladder Cancer Research

Dr. Hongbin Wang: Interaction of complement activation fragment C4a with PAR

Dr. Tibebe Woldemariam: Natural Products Chemistry


Further information on Faculty Research/Scholarship Interests can be found within the Individual Faculty Profiles Section of the CNU-COP website. 

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