Grants & Contracts


Lenhard J (PI) on sub-award for a NIH RO1 Grant), ($46,975). Individualized Therapeutic Strategies for Polymyxins: Targeting Gram-negative Superbugs with Maximal Precision. Submitted to NIH in March of 2018. 

Kotchoni S (PI), St. Baldrick Foundation Award ($100,000). High Throughput Diagnosis and Grading Methodology of Pediatric Brain Cancer. Submitted in April of 2018.

Le U (PI), AACP SOTL Grant ($4,000). Multilayer Adaptive Educational Game using Datamining (MAEGUDM). Submitted in April of 2018.

Kotchoni S (PI), Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation Grant ($500,000). Machine Learning-Based Screening of Childhood Brain Cancer. Submitted in May of 2018.

Mohamed I (PI), Amgen 2018 Competitive Grant Program ($100,881). Role of PCSK9 in Acute Oscillatory Shear Stress-Induced Vascular Dysfunction in vIvo. Submitted in May of 2018.

Wong HB (PI), NIH R21 Grant Submission ($352,500). The role of C4a in the pathogenesis of endotoxic shock in mice. Submitted in June of 2018.



Vinall R (PI), NIH P20 Grant ($703,955).  1/2 Pharmacists and Cancer researchers Together: the CNUCOP-UCD PACT. Submitted in January of 2017.

Woldemariam T (PI), Talbott G, Fitzpatrick LR ($5,000).  Screening of Plants as a Source of Anti-Inflammatory Agents for Treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Submitted to The Herb Society of America in January of 2017. 

Fitzpatrick LR (PI), Talbott G ($2,200).  NIH Phase 2 SBIR grant to Visionary Pharmaceuticals. PI on subcontract. Colonic Histology Evaluations Related to the Effects of a ROR-γ T Inhibitor on Mice with Innate Immune Colitis (Award occurred in June of 2017).         

Jin Z (PI), NIH RO1 Grant ($1,375,000).  Epigenetic Regulation of Regulatory T cell S1P/S1P1 Axis in Pathogenesis of Cardiac Fibrosis. Submitted in June of 2017.

Ho L (PI), ($7500). Role of Sirtuin-3 Mediated Changes in Adipogenesis in Type-2 Diabetes.  Submitted to International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council of the Americas Foundation in June of 2017.

Lenhard J (PI), ($10,000). Antimicrobial Pharmacodynamics against Co-cultured HAP and VAP Pathogens. Submitted to AACP (New Investigator Award) in August of 2017.

Ho L (PI), ($10,000). Anti-diabetogenic Role of a Sirtuin-3-Adinopectin Axis in Adipocytes. Submitted to AACP (New Investigator Award) in August of 2017.

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