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Pachai Moua, a P3 student, received a certificate award for her presentation of research at the Northern California Education Foundation’s 1st Annual Healthcare Symposium hosted at CNU on October 8th, 2016. The certificate reads “First Place First Annual International Health Care Symposium Poster Competition”. Pachai has been working under the mentorship of Dr. John Cusick, Associate Professor of CNUCOP, since the spring of 2016. Pachai was a recipient of one of the two inaugural CNUCOP student summer research fellowship awards in 2016. Pachai has been studying signal transduction pathways associated with the human protein RELT. RELT (Receptor Expressed in Lymphoid Tissues) is a human Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor (TNFR). Pachai has been studying the expression patterns of RELT in both normal and diseased human tissues. Additionally, Pachai has been using a collection of deletion mutants to identify which regions of RELT are required for the ability of RELT to either activate signaling pathways or interact with other known protein binding partners. In September of 2016, Pachai presented research she conducted with Dr. Cusick at the 22nd annual cancer research symposium held at the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center. Prior to enrolling as a pharmacy student at CNU, Pachai earned a M.S. degree from the University of the Pacific, where she co-authored a manuscript describing the molecular mechanisms associated with protein secretion from the yeast species P. pastoris.

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