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Preceptor training is provided on and off campus by the Director of Experiential Education or other CNUCOP faculty. Training classes vary in topic based on the needs of the Preceptors and the Experiential Education Program. The T1 training is an overview of the Experiential Education Program and basic skills and expectations of the Preceptor. This class is offered in sufficient quantity to encourage new Preceptor participation. California Northstate University College of Pharmacy uses evaluations to assess the effectiveness and usefulness of each training course. The data collected is analyzed by the Director of Experiential Education. The Director further evaluates the assessments and implements changes as indicated. CNUCOP is a provider of continuing education under the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). Preceptors are highly encouraged to participate in on-site training. Preceptors who attend on-site training courses are given priority ranking for students during the match process.

If you are interested in attending Preceptor Training, please contact the Program Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pharmacist’s Letter Preceptor Training & Resources Network

If you are a preceptor for CNUCOP, you may obtain an Email ID # for the Pharmacist’s Letter Preceptor Training & Resources Network. There are outstanding Preceptor Training CEs readily available for each preceptor to take. Preceptors will need to identify which school of pharmacy they precept for before a CE ID # will be issued. Visit the “Preceptor Home” at www.pharmacistsletter.com. For questions, call (209) 472-2240 or email Pharmacist’s Letter directly from the website.

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